I have a new friend named Sarah. She, too, is a stay at home mom with a blog. But her blog isn't about her children. Well, not directly about them, anyway. It's about her thoughts and her feelings, even when (gasp!) they happen to fall outside of the "Mother Hood" (Katie, that's for you!) I think this is a powerful idea. It lets me write sort of anonymously, it allows me to omit pictures of my children, and it makes me feel much better about a public blog. Many thanks to this lady for sure!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What on Earth happened here?

There was a time, not so very long ago, that many of my friends vented on blogger. I just looked at my blog list tonight...we are talking years of neglect, people. What a great great tool this once was for us! Have we sunk so far into Facebook land that we don't feel the need for mashing thoughts into sentences? Enough. For me.
So much the better. If no one is reading, it means I have no reason to be embarrassed.
I am ticked that my spacebar is sticking. What a mean joke. I never took typing in high school. As a 20 year old I bought this PC game called Mavis Beacon and she taught me everything I know. It was so worth the 6$. But I could never, ever pass any kind of typing test at a temp agency. Thank God for graduate school. Otherwise I would be unemployable.
I spent 38$ at the HOV thrift store today. That's who I work for. They give me money, I give it back...it's a win win. I bought these super cute home made dresses for my 3 year old. Then it occurred to me...I am really hoping these never belonged to a child who no longer walks this Earth. I think again about it...why would I care about something so foolish? Things are just things. They outlive us, but they don't have lives. Things are utilitarian, and better for me to use them for good than for them to land at the dump. I also bought an old man's collection of Broadway music books. He had written all over them: PERSONAL PROPERTY! No kidding. He starred every song he liked or knew or played. They are some of my favorites too. I bought a huge set of piano lesson books that are for children, but I think they are totally going to work for teaching myself more basic piano skills. I love the piano, and now that I have my grandparents' old one, I feel so good about learning to sing and play at the same time. I love how singing seems to feed oxygen to my brain. Is that even real? I don't know. But making friends in choir class was always the easiest thing in the world.