I have a new friend named Sarah. She, too, is a stay at home mom with a blog. But her blog isn't about her children. Well, not directly about them, anyway. It's about her thoughts and her feelings, even when (gasp!) they happen to fall outside of the "Mother Hood" (Katie, that's for you!) I think this is a powerful idea. It lets me write sort of anonymously, it allows me to omit pictures of my children, and it makes me feel much better about a public blog. Many thanks to this lady for sure!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Titanic dive

Last night, the hubs and I decided to watch "Titanic" again. On VHS. I think he has great memories with this movie. I do not. The first time I saw it, I got so upset I had to leave the theater. NO, it was not because of the wrenching love story between Rose and Jack (more of my disdain for that later on). It was because of the sinking footage. So horrendous to think of so many people dying in such a torturous way. Those bodies sliding down the deck...eeeeeek. I was like 19 years old, and overwhelmed by seeing historical sadness packaged as entertainment. I bolted.
The 2nd time I saw it, I was on a really really sad date. The circumstances are too humiliating to write about, especially because one of my blog readers was involved. Let me just say, he didn't know it would be me he was taking out. So the whole idea of that movie being at all romantic was in the toilet. It was like 3.5 hours of awkwardness. Eventually I pretended I was there alone, and it totally helped.
Fast forward to last night. We are sitting there watching it, and I can't help thinking that Leonardo looks about 12, and Kate looks about 28. I am just so so unconvinced that the 2 of them shared any kind of sexual tension at all. How, how, HOW was this like the hottest romance ever when we were young adults? People put posters of these 2 up in their dorm rooms! I wonder if it was the hormones coursing through our bodies. Now, it just grosses me out. I never was a huge swooner over Leo, but it's reached a whole new level. I feel like if he plays a romantic lead, I refuse to watch the struggle. Am I alone in this? Anyway. Getting older is so disappointing sometimes.
On the upside, we spent the rest of the night saying things like, "You're so stupid, Rose!" to one another and laughing wickedly.


  1. I agree, I loved the movie...but that love scene has always bothered me. She's way too much woman for that little worm

  2. Let me just clarify...I do love him as an actor. Like, Artie in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" was spectacular. So amazing.
    "The Aviator"!! I can't even remember the plot but I know I loved it. But I just don't believe him when he pretends to love women in "that" way. I don't know why.