I have a new friend named Sarah. She, too, is a stay at home mom with a blog. But her blog isn't about her children. Well, not directly about them, anyway. It's about her thoughts and her feelings, even when (gasp!) they happen to fall outside of the "Mother Hood" (Katie, that's for you!) I think this is a powerful idea. It lets me write sort of anonymously, it allows me to omit pictures of my children, and it makes me feel much better about a public blog. Many thanks to this lady for sure!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gush, gush, gag

How is it that I even got chosen by my husband?
If you really think about marriage, it's a pretty big deal. That person across from you is deciding that you will be enough for them, for the rest of the time. They will share their house and their bed and most likely their communicable diseases. In a pinch, their toothbrush. It is huge.
In the last few years, my husband and I have been shocked by the dissolution of partnerships we thought were solid. No one outside of a relationship can really know its inner workings, but the reality of that 50% rate is disconcerting. For now, it is hard to picture a life without D. I asked him today if he thought I'd have found someone else if we hadn't started dating. He told me of course I would have, but I'm not so sure. There are some pretty cool single girls out there who are still single. I'd probably end up with someone like 10 years older than I am, because my farm boy's maturity level seems to be about 10 years ahead of his age. It is great for things like child rearing, but not so great when I want to watch truly crappy reality TV shows (or Glee) and listen to non-1990s music.

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