I have a new friend named Sarah. She, too, is a stay at home mom with a blog. But her blog isn't about her children. Well, not directly about them, anyway. It's about her thoughts and her feelings, even when (gasp!) they happen to fall outside of the "Mother Hood" (Katie, that's for you!) I think this is a powerful idea. It lets me write sort of anonymously, it allows me to omit pictures of my children, and it makes me feel much better about a public blog. Many thanks to this lady for sure!

Monday, January 2, 2012

In praise of the soaring flocks

I have always gotten a small thrill out of watching flocks of birds. It somehow reminds me of how big the sky really is, and how much of it I will never be able to touch. When I was a teenager and had my first car, the boy (well, one boy) I adored lived in a country-esque house that had a lot of trees around it. I would often drive by his home just because I could, and there were always always flocks of birds. I think it had something to do with the surrounding dairies. But since that was a totally unromantic notion, I chose to ignore it. In college, I was so (somewhat sadly) chaste that I took lots of long drives by myself. I had a few favorite spots where I'd get out and just sit on a blanket and read, or write about why the hippie boy I loved didn't love me back, or sometimes sing Barbra Streisand (yes, I really did this. And I am really writing about it?) One spot was by a lake, and one was field-ish with hills around it. The birds made me feel more alive, less alone. Not that the birds gave 2 wing flaps about my sorrow, or my singing, or my safety...was it really advisable for a 19 year old maiden to be in the middle of nowhere by herself? Anyhow. Now when I see the flocks, they make me take a quick breath in. Whatever my three year old daughter has asked me has to be repeated, because I lose focus for a second and just watch. So that's why I chose this template. The end.

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